Sports Centre "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl" As sports have grown more competitive, there is increasing need for better coaching and equipment.


At Jindal our aim is to provide a sports programme that is based on enjoyment, learning and performance. We believe in the development of the whole child, the fostering of an ‘active life’ philosophy and the promotion of a lifetime investment in sport and physical activity. Therefore establishing a sporting ethos that is linked to and reflects the College’s inspirational Well-Being and Leadership programmes, the Eight Aptitudes and meeting the needs of all students. In short we would aim that our students enjoy their sporting experiences and they keep coming back for more!

There are numerous opportunities for students to represent the College in teams across a wide range of competitive sports as well as recreational activities, all of which are supported by the outstanding College facilities. These include over 01 acres of playing field for. There is a sports complex which incorporates a rackets court two table tennis, an indoor pool, a large sports hall.

The motto of the sports centre is to produce "SPORTSMEN WITH SPORTSMANSHIP"
We inculcate the values of gamesmanship and sportsmanship in our students. Our main goals are:
• An attitude that strives fair play
• Courtesy toward teammates and opponents
• Ethnical Behavior and integrity
• Grace in victory or defeat
"The most important not winning but taking part" is the typical expression of this sentiment.

The Department of Physical Education at JCW is conducted a hub of activities of all the year. Various programmes are taken up across the year. Every academic year begins with team selections. The teams being formed, practice sessions are arranged. Alongside the practice regimen, matches are conducted in various games at every level right from interclass, State, National, University and Inter University.