Bachelor of Computer Applications

BCA DEPARTMENT PROFILE The Department of BCA started in the year 2010 with 26 students, and 2 faculty. Now it has increased to 114 students with 3 faculty. The department has conducted various enrichment programmes for the students to suit the requirements of the IT world. The Department invited various IT professionals to deliver seminars about current IT. The Department is giving excellent results.

The students are admitted to BCA department according to the university norms. Most of our students are from rural background without the knowledge of IT. The Management provides financial aid in the form of fees concession and Book Bank Scheme to students who are economically weak. The Department encourages the students to participate in weekly PPT presentation on Current IT, Designing of wall magazines related to IT, developing IT Projects, preparing IT Models and IT Quiz. The Department allows students to take part in intercollegiate fest to showcase their IT talents. Our students, who have already completed BCA, are recruited in reputed IT Companies and some of them are pursuing MCA.

Faculty members of the department are competent and working in one nutshell. The department faculty attended workshops, seminars, guest lectures and presented research papers in National and International Conferences. The faculty member have also attended Faculty Development Programmes. After the test and exams the faculty counsels and take the remedial classes for the weak students identified.

Apart from academic syllabus the Department organizes Value Added Courses like .Net, J2EE, Oracle and Testing for the students to acquire more knowledge about IT. The Dept. organizes hardware classes to give information about internal structure of machine and Computer networking. Students and faculty are also facilitated with department library.

Department utilizes the Computer Lab, Electronics Lab & Library resources. In Lab the computers are enabled with internet to enhance the knowledge of the students. The Department has adopted ICT method in teaching and also encourages the students to follow the same.

The Department introduced IT Fest “Explorica” in the year 2013 to promote the students to exhibit their embedded talents in various IT activities. It was inaugurated by Dr. Murulidhar, HOD of Department of Computer Science, Bangalore University. He spoke about “New IT trends”. In 2014 IT Fest Explorica Dr. Aravind Gambir, Director Pearson Education and NASA Scientist was the chief guest. He spoke about “Science and Research orientation”. In the Fest the students exhibited their IT knowledge through working IT models and participated in various IT related activities. In 2015 IT Fest Explorica Mr.Govindaraj Pandit, HOD of BCA Dept,Archarya Management of Studies,BCA Chairman,Bangalore University was the chief guest. He spoke about “Recent IT Trends”. In the Fest the students exhibited their IT knowledge through working IT models and participated in various IT related activities.