Bachelor of Commerce

The Department of Commerce was established in the year 2010. Over the 4 years the department has grown in its student strength from 60 to a tremendous increase of 360 which is 6 times more and faculty members have increased from 3 to 9. Compared to any other women’s college in Bangalore the dropout rate of the students is very less.

The Department is the single largest department in terms of student strength and staff numbers indicating the importance of the course. The faculty members are drawn from various specialisations thus adding to the rich intellectual repertoire of the department. The department consists of diverse faculty members. The department works together as one melting pot with competency and works with unity as a team.

The department conducts the induction programme for the first year students at the beginning of the first semester so as to make students familiar with the various aspects of the institution. The students are admitted to the Commerce course according to the university norms. The Management provides financial aid in the form of fee concession to poor and the needy students.

The department has conducted various academic development programmes like Income Tax workshop, ‘Star Matrix’ Business Lab, Commerce Club ‘White Knight’, Commerce Magazine ‘SRISTI’, Management magazine ‘Arohan’, Short Documentary Films on small and large scale industries, Industrial Visits, Field research Work for the students to meet the academic requirements of the corporate world. The department offers specialization in Accounting, Finance and Human Resource. The department utilizes the Library resources optimally. There is separate time allotted to the students as library hours. The Library hour is utilized by the students to the maximum level. The computers are enabled with internet and Wi-Fi to enhance the knowledge of the students.

ICT is adopted in teaching and also promotes the students to follow the same. Remedial classes are taken for the weak students identified by class teachers based on the performance in internals conducted periodically. The identified weak students are counselled by the class teachers and the counselling committee.

The faculty have attended seminars, workshops, presented research papers in National and International Conferences. The faculty members have also participated in the FDP programmes held by the college.

Faculty have published Text Books which are part of Bangalore University syllabus. Research is an integral part of the department. Miss VidyaShree is pursuing her Ph.D from Tumkur University. The students are persuaded to take up research and contribute to paper publications.

Consultancy plays an important role in placing the students in various companies. The students are placed in various companies and banks by the Placement Cell.

‘Arista’ is a Commerce Fest conducted by the students every year. The talents of the students are showcased in this fest. Musical Album, an innovative idea by the Final Year Students was released in the year 2014 titled “WE ARE TOGETHER” symbolizing the spirit of the department.

‘White Knight’ a commerce club aims at engraving, encouraging, enhancing the knowledge of commerce students. The club conducts different activities under its roof such as paper presentations, mad ads, product launch, best manager, business quiz, mock stock , model presentations etc,.

‘Star Matrix’ a business Lab inaugurated with a vision of providing the students with practical exposure to present subjects. The students are given topic to be presented through model presentation or paper presentation. Students also take active part in collecting different materials such as Company Annual reports, bank chalans, FD chalans, A/C opening forms, share certificates, coins of different countries, Income Tax return forms, and Income Tax related forms.

‘VERONICA’_ The Fearless Women, an Intercollegiate Commerce and Management fest was celebrated on the theme ‘Women Empowerment’. Around 200 students from 15 colleges across the city participated in the Event. Our final year students took a lead role in coordinating different activities conducted in the fest. This fest groomed the leadership quality among our students.

VERVE is a bi-annual newsletter released by the department which summarises the entire semester events and activities of the department

The department provides Accounts, Finance & Human Resource electives as specializations for final year B.Com students.

The Department of Management was established in the year 2014 with an urge from students of our PU College. The students’ strength presently is 53. Within short span of time the Department has released its own department magazine ‘Arohan’ with the support of students and faculty.

The students are admitted to the Management course according to the University norms. Most of our students are from rural background, in and around Jindal Nagar and are economically weak and require financial support, which is provided by the management in the form of fee concession additionally with book bank scheme facility.

The department takes care of those students who are from Kannada medium. The English Department gives special training to the students as the University exams can be written only in English. The English department with the help of Management faculty trains them in English spoken classes.

The syllabus for Management course is based on the University syllabus which is Choice Based Credit System with internal marks. Management department utilizes the maximum usage of Library management resources. Students are encouraged to utilize the library. The computers are with internet facilities and Wi-Fi connection to enhance the knowledge of the students.

ICT method is followed in teaching and also the students are encouraged to follow the same. Counselling is given by the counselling committee to the students.

Year Semester Appeared Passed Failed Percentage
Nov 2010 I 58 47 11 81
MAY 2011 II 56 43 13 78

Oct 2011
I 103 82 21 79
III 25 19 06 78

April 2012
II 56 54 96
IV 55 50 5 90

Nov 2012
I 118 92 26 77
III 98 95 3 96
V 57 56 1 98

April 2013
II 117 93 24 79.9
IV 97 79 18 81.4
VI 57 46 11 80

Nov 2013
I 117 106 12 89
III 117 104 13 89
V 96 89 7 93

April 2014
II 116 76 40 65.5
IV 115 99 16 86
VI 96 92 4 95

I 118 91 27 77
II 118 113 05 95.7
III 118 89 28 75.42
IV 116 110 06 94.82
V 115 111 04 96.52
VI 115 110 05 95.65

I 119 103 16 86.55
II 118 113 05 95.76
III 109 101 08 92.66
IV 109 102 07 93

I 133 117 16 87.96
II 133 108 25 81