Anti Ragging Cell

Anti-ragging cell was formed in 2012, in accordance to UGC guidelines. Only complaints against ragging come under this cell. Under the Gazette of India, July 4, 2009 regulations, preventing ragging occurrence and punishing those who indulge in ragging as provided in these regulations and the appropriate law in force. Yet now no such ragging issues has arisen in our college premises.

Anti Sexual Harassment Cell

Anti-sexual harassment cell was formed in 2012, in accordance with the Supreme Court. Only complaints against sexual harassment come under this cell.

The Supreme court, which regards sexual harassment as a violation of human rights and as a form of systematic determination against women, has issued guidelines to prevent as well as to punish perpetrators of sexual harassment.

Anti-sexual harassment is committed to :

  • Observing the law on sexual harassment.
  • Sensitizing the community on gender issues.
  • Addressing complaints from victims.
  • Counseling Cell

    Counseling gives professional help and advice to resolve personal or psychological problem. The purpose of student counseling is to give student information on matters important to success. The main goal of counseling is to help individuals to overcome their immediate problems and also to equip them to meet future problems. Counseling is to be meaningful has to be specific for each client since it involves its unique problems and expectations.

    Counseling as a remedial functions and emphasizes immediate goals, such as problem resolution, tension reduction, and the like. Counselee may refer to the resolution of a particular conflict or problem situation.

    Mentoring Cell

    Mentoring is a process for helping someone develop in their current job and also for the future. A mentor is a person who offers support and guidance to another; an experienced and trusted counsellor or friend Mentoring is help by one person to another in making significant transitions in knowledge, work or thinking Through the mentoring process, we would like to promote a culture where: all members of staff feel empowered and supported to ask others for mentoring support all members of staff feel open to supporting others' development through mentoring Our aim is to provide you with all support and resources that you need in order to work with a mentor.

    Mentees are encouraged to either find their own mentor or ask their PI/Supervisor to assign someone. The mentee initiates the first meeting/contact, where they establish whether the mentor would be able to meet the mentees needs. If rapport is established and both parties feel that they can work well together, they can take the conversation further. There is no fixed time that mentoring relationships are expected to last. This is entirely a matter for the mentee and mentor to decide. It often depends on the mentee’s needs.

    Placement Cell

    The college provides placements with our company institutions like Jindal Aluminium, JNI etc. However the college has consultancy providers for providing placements in different companies. More than 10 companies came for recruitment during the year. We have been discouraging students from entering into BPOs and call centre. Many students have received their placement offers. Others have obtained jobs apart from the Placement Cell. Many of our students desire to go for higher studies, which is a healthy trend.

    EDP Cell

    EDP was established in 2015 in the association of AWAKE. The students of JFGCW were given a chance to develop their own entrepreneurial skill in their life. The intention behind setting up of this cell was to inculcate the habit of thinking out of the box and innovation among the students. The objective of this cell is to create job providers and job seekers.

    Objectives :

  • Creating awareness of entrepreneurship among Graduates.
  • Guidance for generating business ideas and to convert them to business plans.
  • Guidance and mentoring for establishing start-up companies.
  • Incubate innovative student projects.
  • Alumni Cell

    An Alumni Association by name GARLAND has been constituted. Every year college conducts an Annual meet in Commerce Fest called ‘Arista’ and IT fest called Explorica which is scheduled in the odd semester of every year. Alumni members are invited to share their experience and give vocational guidance to student. The alumni students also guide the present students in extracurricular activities, they joined hands with the present batch students and took institutional social responsibility by rendering a helping hand to Karunashrya a cancer hospice and also with cultural activity for the patients.

    Student Grievance Redressal Cell

    The College has a Grievance Redressal Cell to redress the grievances of its stakeholders. The students approach the Cell to voice their grievances regarding academic matters, financial matters, health services, library and other central services. The Cell redresses the grievances by sorting out the problems promptly and judiciously. As a result of this mechanism, the college has a pleasant, ambient atmosphere and good work culture with an in-built goodwill and mutual understanding among its stakeholders.

    The composition of the Grievance Redressal Cell constitutes of the following members :

  • Principal: Chairman
  • Teachers: Counselling secretary members
  • General secretary of the student: Student

  • Grievances of the students redressed in the last two years :

  • Introduction of new class Rooms.
  • A new Girls' Common Room with proper facilities.
  • Better computer and internet facilities for the students.
  • More books pertaining to new syllabus in the library.
  • Budget allocation increased for Students' Financial Aid Fund.
  • Introduction of remedial coaching classes for financially & socially backward students.
  • Providing career counseling facilities for the students.